Got a Barn? Get a Buddy!

Our pet pick of the week is actually a group of cats at the shelter we call Barn Buddies. These are cats who are not suitable to be house pets for a variety of reasons. There are the obvious ones, the feral cats whose wild nature and unsociability make them undesirable companion animals. Or the cats whose litter box habits make them unsuitable for living in a house. We also have cats who are shy or fearful of people, who only prefer the company of other cats and animals.

Languishing in the shelter is no life for them. They may not be appropriate as a pet, but we will offer them a second chance through our Barn Buddies Program. If you have a working barn or safe, heated outbuilding, there are cats who need you. By providing a safe shelter and daily food and water, you can help these cats have a permanent home. In turn, they can help you by keeping the rodent population down. Boo and Ky (photo above) aren’t always receptive to people, but they are bonded to each other, and they’d be happy to share a warm barn together. Minx (photo at left) needs the great outdoors as her litter box. Stan and Shadow are ready to go, too.

Now is the best time to get your new barn buddy acclimated to their new home. Visit the shelter to learn more.