Congratulations to Our Recent Adoptees

Hoop-dee-doo! We have a whole slew of recent adoptees who need some congratulations! Kudos to our feline friends Cedar, Pine, Mermaid, French Toast and Danish, Syrup and Bowtie, Fossey, Lotti, Dusty, Stinky and Skunky and their new people for finding each other and making the great move to become families!

As for our canines, congratulations to Mallo, Riley, Mackie, Brio, Thunder, Tank, Doc and Oliver, Koda, Drake, Neil, Brynn and Josie and their new families. And we are keeping our fingers crossed for Zeb, Opal and Clark, who are currently on slumber parties that they and their hosts find that they are just the right fit.

Finally, but certainly not least despite their size, congratulations to Teeka the finch, Sora the love bird, Peta and Cara the parakeets, and Martha the rabbit. Well done!

We love our happy tails!