Art Wall

We are pleased to announce the newest exhibition of artwork is now being displayed and available for purchase in the lobby of the PMHS. The current show, featuring iconic Maine photography on canvas by Paula Apro, will be on display through mid-January. What a great holiday gift idea that also supports your local shelter!

Paula has been shooting professionally for over a decade. She is the co-founder of the Art Loft in Rockland and runs Maine Photo Adventures, where she offers photographic instruction and workshops.

“… I’m passionate about capturing the diverse beauty of this great state. There seems to be no end to the gorgeous landscape and scenery and it’s almost too easy to make beautiful photos here. Searching for great shots makes me see the world differently. I notice things that I wouldn’t normally even see. Lately, I find myself more challenged by finding art in everyday objects. I love taking the time to see these objects in a completely different way. I try to lose sight of the object itself and instead look at its form, colors, textures or patterns. I try to make my camera an extension of me and use it as my vehicle to capture and create the art that my mind sees, but my hands and fingers don’t know how to express.”

                                                      –Paula Apro

We encourage all visitors to the Pope Memorial Humane Society to enjoy the current exhibition and future shows in the Art Wall space in the lobby. A portion of the proceeds from any art sold will go back towards supporting the shelter. If you are interested in possibly having a showing of your work please contact Tracy at or 594-4897.

Below are just a few of the photographs now available for purchase on our art wall.