Slumber Party

In an effort to ensure that all adoptions are for the life of the pet, PMHSKC offers a “Slumber Party” for an adoptive home and a desired pet.  Through this Slumber Party program, we offer adopters the opportunity to spend time at home with a potential pet before making the commitment of adoption.

Slumber Party is a foster-to-adopt program available for dogs over 6 months old.  A Slumber Party generally last for one week but additional time may be approved by the shelter manager.

Before taking a pet on a Slumber Party, the host must:
1.  sign a Slumber Party Protocols document,
2.  leave an adoption payment deposit (cash or credit card), and
3.  complete an adoption contract dated for one week from the date of the Slumber Party Protocols.

The Shelter will provide the Slumber Party host with
1. a copy of the signed Slumber Party Protocols,
2. a copy of the hosted pet’s vaccine record, and
3. when possible, a training crate to borrow for the pet.

PMHSKC recognizes that not all Slumber Parties will result in an adoption.  When the hosting family returns the hosted pet to the Shelter, the family completes our Clean Sheet form, a questionnaire designed to learn about the pet’s behavior in the home.  This new information will help us make a more suitable match for the animal.