Cats over 1 year old  – $50
Cats under 1 year old – $100
All dogs 1 year or older are $150
Puppies are $250
Senior dogs, 8 years or older $75

Animals transferred in may have an additional $25 transport fee.

Download an adoption application here.

Adoption fees include testing, sterilization, rabies shots and other vaccines.

For cats, we vaccinate for various upper respiratory infections and distemper. We test for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

For dogs, we vaccinate for distemper, parvo and kennel cough.  All dogs are microchipped with 24Petwatch chips.

To adopt an animal, come to the Shelter and fall in love. Of course, you may walk a dog or play with our cats as long as you need to decide. Don’t feel like you have to choose a pet the first time you visit. Many of our happiest adopters came to the Shelter over and over again to look for their perfect pet.

We ask that pets you already own be up-to-date on their vaccines and sterilized. If you rent, please have your landlord’s permission to have a pet.

Once you have made your choice, you will need have a conversation with a staff member. In this dialogue, we’ll discuss with you the personality of the pet you have selected and make sure its a good match with your home and lifestyle. If you are adding a dog to your home and you already have a dog, we’ll ask that the two dogs meet at the Shelter to ensure compatibility.

See our Meet Your Match program for dogs.

In most cases, you can take your new companion home with you right away.