There is Still Time to Participate in the Poster Contest for “Be Kind to Animals Week”

Fear not - there is still a way to join in our celebration of  the ASPCA's National "Be Kind to Animals Week"!

If you weren't able to make the April 19th workshop at the Coastal Children's Museum to make a poster, you still have the option of making a poster at home and returning it to the Coastal Children's Museum or to the Pope Memorial Humane Society by Saturday, April 22nd.

The details: Children ages 4 & up are invited to create a poster to promote Kindness to Animals Week, which the Pope Memorial Humane Society will be celebrating with another children's event on May 6th. The posters that children make will then be put on display at the Humane Society where visitors can vote on their favorite poster! There will be winners chosen for each age group, and the overall winner of the contest will have his or her poster used to promote next year's Kindness to Animals Week!


  • The Coastal Children's Museum, Sharp's Point South, 75 Mechanic St, Rockland
  • The Pope Memorial Humane Society, 25 Buttermilk Lane, Thomaston