New Staff Profile: Raven Davis

Meet Raven Davis, the newest addition to our Pope Memorial Staff. Those of us who have worked at the shelter for awhile are still rubbing our eyes and blinking twice when we see Raven at the front desk. That’s because she has been coming into the shelter with her mom, our kennel manager Jen Saunders, since Raven was 2 years old. So it’s a bit disorienting to see her at 16 years old, all grown up and quite capable of assuming the heavy responsibilities associated with working as staff at PMHS.

I asked Raven what it was like coming into the shelter to help out with her mom all those many years ago and she said “Coming into the shelter was always exciting for me. I loved being around the animals and, even though I was young , the shelter staff never made me feel like I was in the way. Pope Memorial was always a welcoming place for me and I still feel that way today.” When I asked Raven what it was like transitioning from young shelter volunteer to shelter employee she replied “It’s different being an employee. I feel a renewed sense of commitment and a real awareness of the responsibility involved in caring for the animals and helping members of the public.” As you might imagine, Raven loves working with all the animals but her favorites are the exotics, particularly the ferrets.

Thanks to our fabulous Volunteer Coordinator, Kelly Gould, for this interview.