Name Your Own Price for Adult Cats through July

Through July 31st: Our cat population is growing by leaps and bounds with the influx of kittens. So, to help our adult feline friends out during the rest of July, we’ll let YOU decide the adoption fee for any adult cat adopted during our Name Your Own Price Adoption Promotion. That’s right. You tell us how much you’d like to pay.

We have dozens and dozens of wonderful adult cats aged one year or older to choose from. We have Calicos and Torties, Tuxedos and Tabbies. Long haired, short haired, demure ones and feisty ones – a veritable cornucopia of felines, offering something for everyone.

Stop by the shelter, choose your new best friend (or let them choose you), and put your own price on love! Stop by and visit us to see who could be waiting for you.