Meet Mona, Ziggy and Bobby, Jr.


Meet Mona! (Photo above). She is an 8-year-old female cat available for adoption through PMHS. Mona is currently hanging out with our friends at Loyal Biscuit Company at 408 Main Street in Rockland and hoping to find a new home. Why not stop by to see her! Mona is very affectionate, and as an 8-year-old lady her adoption fee will be WAIVED. That’s right, this sweet sweet girl could be going home with you for no cost at all!

Just by looking at Ziggy (photo at right) you can see that she is extra special with some unique Ziggycharacteristics. She is a petite calico between 1 and 2 years old with not only a bob tail, but also an adorable pair of curled ears. Although there is a breed of cat, the American Curl, that is known for this distinct characteristic, we suspect Ziggy’s trait was just a genetic glitch. She came in as a young mother with a litter of kittens, all of whom are now living the good life in loving homes of their own. Now it’s Ziggy’s turn. If you’re looking for a real beauty, inside and out, come in and meet Ziggy. She is fine with cats, but decidedly anti-dog.

Bobby Jr.Looking for a cat that plays well with all others? You should check out Bobbie Jr (photo at left). At just 1 year old, this black-and-white rascal is sweet, playful and a snuggler, too. Because of his easygoing nature with kids, dogs and cats, he will make a great family cat. You can meet Bobbie Jr. at the Pet Quarters at the Harbor Plaza, 235 Camden Road, Rockland, another one of our satellite adoption locations.