A Little Summer Reading – Now with Even More Adorable Photos!

Our friends from the Thomaston Public Library stopped by to share some summer reading with some of the canine and feline literati here at the Shelter! We just have to share some of the adorable pictures that they took because each pet got a book that was just perfect for him or her.

If you or someone you know someone who might enjoy reading to our pets, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kelly Gould at volunteers@hskcme.org or (207) 594-2200. Spending time with the animals helps socialize and calm them, and scientific studies have shown that kids who are learning to read enjoy reading to animals because they are good listeners and don’t tend to interrupt (unlike some of us humans!). 

Above: Snow with “The BFG” (that’s short for “Big Friendly Giant”!)

Below, clockwise from upper left: Cyrus reading “Garfield”, Autumn raving about … “Autumn” of course! And last, but certainly not least, the maltese trio who are so very excited to be reading “The Three Musketeers” for the very first time. Then there is Rocky (adopted) enrapt with “Rocky II”, Gomez (also adopted) with “My Beloved World”, and Hobbes enjoying “Calvin and Hobbes”. 

We hope that you are enjoying your summer reading, too! And many thanks to the folks at the Thomaston Public Library for visiting and taking such adorable photos!